Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Heart My Body Day - My Body's In The Shop

Last year I linked up with We Heart Life for I Heart My Body.

I was thirty weeks pregnant and loving it.  

Respecting my body for what it is...what did I write...  "A vessel for my awesomeness to reside in".  

~ snort ~ 

Crazy, pregnant lady.

Now I should probably start this post by saying that I have a pretty good relationship with my body.

I don't hate it or blame it for looking the way it does.   If I had to blame anything it would be KFC, Hungry Jacks and wine.  

I kind of like to think of my body like a car.  

If you put in the right fuel, service and clean it regularly it's going to run and look pretty good for a long time.

Fuel your car with crap, have a lot of benders and don't look after it, it's going to end up at the wreckers a lot sooner than it should.

But what I love is even if you almost write your body off completely, like a classic car, there's a possibility that with the right parts, some TLC and patience you can restore it to mint condition.

Right now my body is in the 'shop' having some work done to restore it.

10 months ago I looked like this.

I love that photo.  

Ironically, the pool was the only place where I didn't feel like a whale. I think I was close to 100kgs.  

I was huuuuuuuuuuuuge.  Seriously huge.  That body was fueling up on Bacon Deluxe burgers and cheese like there was no tomorrow. 

Bootylicious was an understatement.  

12 hours after that photo was taken  Holly was born.

The bootylicious behind remained.  Along with the dreaded post baby belly.

Do you know what pregnant women fantasise about the most?  It's not ice cream or pickles or even babies.  

It's the fantasy that as soon as that baby pops out, their belly will automatically disappear.  It's irrelevant if it was round before you got pregnant.  Baby out should = belly gone, right?

With my first two it did.  A few weeks later I was back in the skinny jeans.  Abtastic in size 9 skinny jeans.

Ugh.  Unfair.  "I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight..."

Not this time.  

In the interests of keeping it real...

In April, 3 months post baby number 5, I still had the dreaded post baby belly 'hang'.  

I believe it's also known as 'The Mothers Apron'.  

I don't care what you call it, it sucks.  

It doesn't just go away by itself either.  

The only way to get rid of it is to tighten up your core muscles and lose the fat.  

Exercise and eating right, ugh. The last thing you feel like doing when you're fat, tired, hungry and breast feeding.

I've had to suck it up though and for me it's meant a bit of help from the Healthy Mummy smoothies and lots and lots and lots of hard work at Women Fight Fit MMA.

Crazy bitches.

It took 9 months to get big and round and it's probably going to take until the end of the year to lose it.
I'm hoping that with all the hard work I'm putting in, I'll end up in better shape than I've ever been.  I have muscles growing in the most random places and I can feel myself getting fitter, faster and stronger.

Strong is the new skinny.

I Heart My Body.  Join in, link up or simply have a sticky beak. #iheartmybody


Carly ~ Creator of We Heart Life said...

Thanks for linking up again; and you have a gorgeous body xx

Carla said...

Core muscles…still not sure I have any and my 'baby' is 5 :-) But seriously, well done you!!! That looks like a killer workout!!

Sam Stone (A Life on Venus) said...

I think you have a gorgeous body! I am 3 months away from giving birth to Bubs#2 and am already massive!

Mum on the Run said...

You - and your body - are pretty awesome.
I love "strong is the new skinny" - absolutely.
:-) xx

River said...

Core muscles?
We have core muscles??
I'd better go looking for baby is 31 and I still have the flab.

Kate said...

My oath strong is the new skinny :)

You have gorgeous skin :) And I LOVE that you are keeping it real :)

Jayne said...

I'm loving all this talk of strength over skinny today.

My core muscles were once made of steel. I ought to work on them a bit more. Oops.

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

Strong is the new skinny - God I love that! You have an amazing body hun, but even more you have an amazing energy too. Rock on gorgeous woman, your determination is an inspiration. xx

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky said...

You are BEAUTIFUL, amazing photos, I love all of them, especially the keeping it real one.

Crash Test Mummy said...

Strong is the new skinny - love this! Your comment on my blog about putting your back out - no more certain way to feel vlunerable. Good on you for working hard to come back from that :)

Jess WhoaMamma said...

You, my lovely, are pure Hotness, inside and out! It's true, if we look after our bodies we'll be rewarded with good health and feel great. When we feel great , we look great. I love "Strong is the new Skinny". I wish Twin Skin/Mothers Apron was the New Skinny, it would be so much easier ;) xxx

Jess Myheartisyourhome said...

I love that you are willing to blame the way you treated your body rather than your body! So often we look at everything except what WE do to ourselves! But I happen to think that you look great! If I looked like that, that soon after a baby (let alone my 5th) I would be very proud!
Go you good thing!

Anne Downing said...

That pregnant photo is great, I just love a baby belly!

Good Golly Miss Holly! said...

You are a fucking babe, no matter what size x

Trae Flett said...

Love the preggo belly photo, but I actually really like the keeping it real one too. You look great and you attitude is rockin'.